The main section of the journal ” Information technologies in management and Economics”:

 05.13.00-Computer Science, computer engineering and management
05.13.01-System analysis, management and processing of information
05.13.05-Elements and devices of computer equipment and control systems
05.13.10-Management in social and economic systems
05.13.11-Mathematical and software of computers, complexes and computer networks
05.13.13-Telecommunication systems and computer networks
05.13.15-Computers, complexes and computer networks
05.13.17-Theoretical foundations of Informatics
05.13.18-Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and software complexes
05.13.19 — Methods and systems of information protection

Additional section:
05.11.00 Instrument engineering, Metrology and information-measuring devices and systems

05.11.01 — Devices and measurement methods (for measurement)
05.11.03-Navigation Devices
05.11.06-Acoustic devices and systems
05.11.07-Optical and optoelectronic devices and complexes
05.11.08-radio Measuring devices
05.11.10-Devices and methods for measuring ionizing radiation and x-ray devices
05.11.13-Devices and methods of control of the natural environment, substances, materials and products
05.11.14 Technology of instrument making
05.11.15 Metrology and metrological assurance
05.11.16-Information-measuring and control systems (by industry)
05.11.17-medical Devices, systems and products
05.11.18 Devices and methods of transformation of images and sound
05.25.00-Documentary information

05.25.02-Documentary, document science, archival science
05.25.03-library science, bibliography and book science
05.25.05-Information systems and processes

08.00.00 – Economic Sciences
08.00.01-Economic theory
08.00.05-Economy and management of national economy (on branches and spheres of activity including: economy, the organization and management of the enterprises, branches, complexes; management of innovations; regional economy; logistics; economy of work; economy of population and demography; economy of environmental management; economy of business; marketing; management; pricing; economic safety; standardization and management of quality of production; land management; recreation and tourism)
08.00.10-Finance, money circulation and credit
08.00.12-Accounting, statistics
08.00.13-Mathematical and instrumental methods of Economics
08.00.14-World economy