Rules of registration of manuscripts sent to the editor

Sample of articles

The journal is an electronic, printed version is not published.
The journal publishes original articles on the problems of scientific research and scientific and technical developments in the field of creation and application of modern information technologies in the field of Economics and enterprise management.
The subject of the articles should correspond to the journal’s headings (the proposed section of the headings is indicated by the authors):


06.00.00 – economic Sciences


05.11.00 Instrument engineering, Metrology and information-measuring devices and systems
05.13.00-computer Science, computer engineering and management
05.25.00-Documentary information
08.00.00 – economic Sciences

Documents provided
1. The article is provided as a single MS Word (.doc .docx).
2. Information about the authors is provided as a single file format MS Word (.doc .docx), which contains: surname, name, patronymic; academic degree, academic title, honorary degrees and titles, position; place of work; e-mail address; full and abbreviated name of the organization in which the work is performed.
3. It is recommended to submit a review of the article: in electronic form, as well as a scanned version with the signature of a competent specialist (doctor or candidate of Sciences).

Preparation of the manuscript
1. The article should contain:
in Russian and English:
– UDC index;
– name;
– initials and surnames of authors;
– the name of the organization in which the work is performed;
– annotation (up to 5 lines);
– keyword;
in Russian:
– text of article;
– list of references.
2. The title of the article should fully reflect its content, and the main text should be structured using subheadings, for example:
– Introduction;
– Theoretical analysis;
– Method;
– Experimental part;
– Results;
– List of references.
3. When typing, use the standard font Times New Roman size 14 PT. Single interval. A4 paper size (210*297 mm), portrait orientation. The margins are 20 mm on all sides.
4. Tables and figures should be placed in the middle of the page. Alphabetic and numerical designations in the figures inserted in the article should correspond to the designations in the text of the article.
5. All illustrations are accompanied by captions, including the number, the name of the illustration and, if necessary, symbols.
6. Formulas should be executed in the built-in “formula Editor” and numbered in parentheses on the right.
7. References in the text of the article should be indicated in square brackets, the numbering of the literature should be made in the order of mention. The list of literature is made in accordance with GOST.

Non-compliance with these rules may cause rejection of the article.
Materials are provided on E-Mail: