Journal “Information technologies in management and Economics”
ISSN 2225-2819

The journal was created for the publication of research works that open the way to the development of strategic information technologies, including the creation of supercomputers and software development. The purpose of the journal is to highlight the global impact of Informatization processes on the economy and social processes of Russia and the world. The journal aims to cover innovative projects in the field of information technology, and is positioned as a platform to discuss the possibilities of their implementation and commercialization.

Target audience and objectives of the journal

The publication is intended for scientists, graduate students, teachers, entrepreneurs, managers and other readers interested in developments in the field of information and management.

  • Scientific community: scientists, teachers, postgraduates, students – help in covering the results of applied research in the fields of system analysis, Informatization and Economics.
  • management of large, medium and small businesses – implementation of business and science integration – assistance in finding new ideas and solutions.
  • Young innovators is an aid in the assessment of comercializamos published results, finding interested parties and investors for the most interesting projects.

Headings of the Journal

  • Computer Science, computer engineering and management
  • Instrument engineering, metrology and information-measuring devices and systems
  • Economic Sciences